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ILA Meet-n-Greet

Meet-n-Greet tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 10th for 1st-6th grades. We would love to meet you from 4pm-6pm. Come out and meet your child's teacher. You are welcome to bring school supplies

New Updates from the Superintendent

Read our latest update from Superintendent Mrs. Stilley.

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Release: August 8, 2022

Superintendent Melissa Stilley is excited for the new school year and eagerly awaiting the return of the students and teachers. 

“Even after 35 years in education, I still get butterflies on the first day,” Stilley said.

School leaders have spent the summer in professional learning around strengthening school instructional leadership teams and school culture. Mrs. Stilley shared that, “While some people may think that schools shut down during the summer, for district and school leaders, it is a busy time spent preparing for the upcoming school year.” 

Tangipahoa school leaders have been intentional in their planning, and the district is starting the school year strong. 

As students and teachers prepare to return to the classroom, the Louisiana Department of Education shared Tangi’s LEAP 2025 data.

Stilley said, “We are pleased to see the growth in the number of students scoring mastery. Of our 30 schools, 22 of them with grade levels from 3-12 grew in the percentage of students scoring mastery in the combined tested subjects, and 3 of the 22 had over 5% growth in mastery among their students.” 

“Two of our district milestones focus on 3rd and 8th grade mastery which indicates readiness for 4th and 9th grade, and our scores indicate that we are trending up in ELA in both areas. Data shows a 6% increase in our 3rd grade readiness. In math, we are also trending up 1% from the previous year,” Stilley added.

The Superintendent noted, “Although we are pleased to see the hard work of our teachers and students paying off by the increase in the number of students scoring mastery or above, we know we still have work to do so that all students are proficient and prepared for whatever future endeavors they choose to pursue.

The Louisiana Department of Education will release school and district performance scores and letter grades later this fall.

For more information on preparations for Back to School, go to and click on our link to the Family Tool Kit (

PreK-K 2022

Click our Family ToolKit for more Pre-K and Kindergarten Dates.



  • August 9-12-Testing

  • August 15-Roll Day

  • August 16-Parent Orientation Planning

  • August 17-Mandatory Parent Orientation

  • August 18 & 19 Girls Only

  • August 22 & 23 Boys Only

  • August 24-All Students (Girls & Boys)



  • August 8-12-Professional Development, Classroom Readiness & Planning for Parent Orientation 

  • August 15-17 Parent Orientation in Small Groups 

  • August 18 & 19 Girls Only

  • August 22 & 23 Boys Only

  • August 24-All Students (Girls & Boys)

Effective August 22-23, all children who are age 5 before September 30, 2022, must register for school and attend Kindergarten classes.

Update on Mee-n-Greet.

Image of dates for meet n greet